Pet / Dog Clippers

Everybody wants to groom an enormous dog with thick hair with sub $40 pair of clippers. You have to understand, though – this is very unlikely to happen. The thicker your dog’s coat is, the more expensive dog grooming clippers you will need.

For thin/fine coats you need basic power with not that much strokes per minute (SPM.) Standard stainless steel blades work more than well. As these kinds of haircuts also take less time, you aren’t that concerned with the clipper’s weight.

Medium coats call for a mix between power and price. Ideally you want something with 3300 SPM or above, a stronger motor. Things like the blades heating and how heavy the machine is start to come into play. You might also need some blade adjustments to do a more thorough job.

Thick and heavy coats are where you need true professional pet clippers. Best case scenario, you need a two-speed clipper (or better) that has a mode with over 4000 SPM.

Things like ergonomic design with no vents (that get clogged and heat up the body) become quite important. The more lightweight and cool-operation ready the machine is, the better.