Fancy a root touch up? When you don't want a grey hair sight.

The team at RAW Anthony Nader have just finished road testing this American life savour root touch up spray Keratherapy.

It took a few weeks to trial as they didn’t want to rush the process and of course have an open mind to their experience, compared to other root touch up sprays they have previously played with.

The interesting ingredient that stood out the team was the word “keratin”.

For those of you that don’t know what Keratin is or what it does it revitalises hair strands natural layer, adds strength, restores elasticity and reduces breakage (FYI This makes us super happy).

The benefits of these sprays are:

- Temporarily cover grey roots.
- Easy spray on application.
- Lasts until next shampoo.
- Safe for all hair types.

- Gives hair strands more texture.

The Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red and Blonde pigment sprays all worked well on every texture of hair.

What was surprising is that normally on course/unruly hair textures, sprays can appear gluggy and that’s because the formula particles weren’t fine enough to lay clean and smooth on the hair.

We didn’t have this experience what so ever.

Maybe you’ve experienced a gluggy formula spray in the past?
Another trick that we encourage to make the blend even more seamless is, after spraying on the troubled area use a regular fine tooth comb and glide the spray from the roots upwards approx one inch.

Combing the spray through gave a more professional salon worthy result and the greys camouflaged more evenly.

If you have any hair concerns about which colour to choose for your hair type, let us know and very happy to help you seeing less grey days in the future.

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Take care from all the SSS team x