Fancy a root touch up? When you don't want a grey hair sight.

The team at RAW Anthony Nader have just finished road testing this American life savour root touch up spray Keratherapy.

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Is Olaplex the right treatment for your hair? Check our list for the reasons your hair needs Olaplex and where to fit this revolutionary product into your hair routine.

Olaplex is a unique hair treatment that actually strengthens and rebuilds your hair. Olaplex is used in salon as part of the colouring process but can also be done as a treatment without colouring your hair.

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Olaplex is one of the most revolutionary products we’ve ever had at Sydney Salon Supplies.

But how does Olaplex work? What does it do? And is it worth buying?

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If you’re looking for softer, shinier, more manageable locks, Mason Pearson is your new secret weapon.

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Your hair is basically your best accessory in the beauty department...

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There’s no better way for a guy to express his individuality than with facial hair. It’s important to find the right style for your face and just as imperative to keep it well groomed.

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Well, the weather outside is frightful, but your hair can stay delightful! Sydney Salon Supplies has seven great tips to keep your hair hydrated during the winter months.

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Dull, dry and limp: the three words no-one ever wants to use to describe their hair but, unfortunately, that’s the result when heat damage rears its ugly head.

Aside from using heat-protectant products, changing up your heat styling tool is the best bet.

When shopping around, keep an eye out for descriptions like ‘ionic’, ‘ceramic’ and ‘thermal protection’.

Styling tools thus described allow you to style without the singe, while the Parlux hairdryer seemingly is the word of hair industry heavy weights and cost effective which is key.  

Also goes without saying that Parlux comes in a rainbow of different colours to match any bathroom décor which is of course gets the winning trophy from the team at Sydney Salon Supplies.

It’s not about a symmetrical round curl this season & far from it. Our muses for this coming season are Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence & of course Gigi Hadid. Why we love the #ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand is because the barrel tong isn’t the norm roundness & slightly a wider shape that creates more of a natural movement.

This gives the right shape to create those “Lazy Waves” as we like to call them & the bonus is, this tong doesn’t have a clamp so you don’t get that nasty indentation that seems impossible to remove unless you dampen that area & then starting all over again……..yup, you’ve been there right!!! Another top tip from us is only shaping the mid lengths & some ends leaving the root area to fall free. Until next week SSS fans have a great week and keep cool.

You know they say “all roads lead to Mecca” or even Rome, but where ever it takes us at the end of the day we all crave damn good hair don’t we. Well that’s what we’re saying and sticking to our guns. Where talking about the iconic hairdressers staple, the Parlux hairdryer that has accumulated the miles of endurance over the many years that’s for sure. So why does the hair industry love this little ripper? A few good has two speeds, four temperature settings, low impact noise and dare we say enough power to blow out even the frizziest hair textures to the smoothest most lux that you’ll think you’ve now stolen Blake Lively’s celebrity mane.

See now why this hairdryer is a hairdresser’s religion! Feel free to ask us any questions & available in store of course & SSS.

Check our Parlux hairdryers here