Understanding dog clipper blade sizes:

For the novice, things like dog grooming blade lengths and how/where to use them can feel quite overwhelming. Don’t worry! With a little help you’ll get quite good with dog clipper blade sizes in no time. Here’s some tips from me.

First of all, most dog grooming clippers come with a stock #10 size blade. It cuts at 1/16″ (1.5mm) and is great for stomach trims, feet trims and face trims for some breeds like poodles or terriers.

It’s really the standard for the industry, though it cuts a bit too close for some people’s taste.

Here’s the thing: there’s a lot of dog grooming blade sizes out there.

Lower numbers indicate that the blade will not cut as close, leaving a longer coat. Higher numbers equal very close cuts.

Wahl Competition and Ultimate blades fit:

KM, KM10, KM5, KM2, KMSS, Oster A6, Oster A5, PowerGrip.

Which WAHL PET Clipper Blade? BREED GUIDE (Click here).

Wahl 5 in 1 blades fit:

Creativa, Super Groom, Arco, Bravura, Lithium Pet / Horse.

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